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EU and Italy as a member, specialize in flour products and takes a step further in building its demand by being a complete flour solutions provider to HoReCa sector.

chef with dough made with flour From Europe for HoReCa

Why Pure Flour From Europe is perfect for HoReCa Sector

Today’s European milling industry guarantees the selection of the best grains and the production of high-quality flours.

With its safe production and versatile nature, flour from Europe is best suited for the Food Service Industry. Also, because of experience and mastery, the EU milling industry provides a skillful mix of tradition combined with cutting-edge technology ensuring constant production of flours with high standardized quality.

bread for HoReCa - Italian milling industry & European Union

Building Market Demand

Pure Flour From Europe launched under the charge of ITALMOPA, the Italian Milling Industry Association co-sponsored by European Union, is here to build demand for the exceptional flour from Europe.

The marketing and promotion program aims to make high-quality European flour the ingredient of choice for food manufacturers and foodservice operators.

Flour Milling Sector

Safety and quality are of the utmost importance, and European standards have always been extremely high. Maintaining this level of excellence is a constant challenge that the milling industry takes very seriously.

The entire flour-milling sector is coordinated across the EU to meet the high regulatory requirements and standards that ensure product quality for foodservice operators.

bread for HoReCa - European flour milling sector
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