Decemeber, 2022

Pure Flour from Europe - Healthy & Delicious

October, 2022

Pure Flour from Europe - for the Perfect Dough

September, 2022

Italian Flour Companies at Annapoorna - Anufood 2022 to Promote Premium Soft Wheat Flours

April, 2022

ITALMOPA makes an Impressive Foray into the Indian Market by Launching the EU Co-funded "Pure Flour from Europe" Campaign

May, 2022

Sabich! A salad bar in a pita. Also: how do you pronounce it?

Generously contributed by our food-writing correspondent Marlena Spieler

March, 2022

Pure Flour from Europe celebrates World Flour Day

December, 2021

Season's Greetings from Pure Flour from Europe

October, 2021

ITALMOPA launches the campaign "Pure Flour from Europe"