High-Quality Flour for retailers

Being one of the leading international producers, flour from the European Union is perfect for retailers because of its value, ease of use, and reliability. Packed with essential nutrients, it is best for consumers and is the right choice for their families.

bread for Retailers made with European flour

Why Pure Flour From Europe is perfect for retailers

Safe and high-quality flour products from Europe are handled with great care and attention to create a premium, versatile, and enriched experience for its consumers.

Flour production in the EU is controlled and recorded by a computerized traceability system, which allows the entire production chain of a batch of flour to be reconstructed and tracked, protecting consumer and public health. This has led the EU milling industry to earn a reputation for producing the highest quality flour while maintaining an exceptional food safety record.

Nutritional Benefits

As a staple food that is almost taken daily, flour provides healthy source of nutrients, contributing to a balanced diet.

clean energy from carbohydrates

vitamins & minerals

significant intake of dietary fibres

good quality vegetable protein

low fat but good

bread product made using European flour for Retailers

Merchandising & Promoting

Premium flour products from Europe can be very profitable and efficient for retailers.
The Italian milling sector’s universally recognized excellence stems from centuries of experience and mastery that have led to not only delicious but highly versatile flour production. As a result, the EU flour offers enormous growth potential for retailers.

If you do not import, distribute or sell soft and durum wheat flour from EU countries at the moment, would you be interested in doing so?