Classic Neapolitan Marinara - Da Michele

Classic Neapolitan Marinara

Classic Neapolitan Pizza recipe suggested by Da Michele. The marinara is the pizza for true afficionados: without even cheese, it all depends on the quality of the crust, and its tomato topping.


1 Pizza


1 loaf of pizza dough (see recipes)
extra virgin olive oil, as needed
80 g canned whole peeled tomatoes
several large pinches dry oregano, as desired


Stretch out the pizza dough on the work surface. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and then spread the tomatoes and sprinkle the oregano.

Cook in a wood-fired oven at a temperature of about 450°C for 60-90 seconds or in a domestic oven at 225°C on the top rack for 10-15 minutes.