Contemporary Neapolitan Margherita

Recipe Of The Month - January
Start the year with—what else?--pizza! The whole world loves pizza, and our Pure Flour from Europe is the perfect flour to use for pizza-making.

Some think that it is the toppings that give a pizza its personality, but for those in the know, it is the dough: everything about the pizza starts with the dough! We at Pure Flour from Europe offer you our best flours, so that your pizzeria, restaurant or cafe or your home-baked pizza can be the best: this is the flour that will give your dough a perfect texture for that perfect crust. just right to top it with cheese, vegetables or whatever takes your fancy.

Here, we suggest an iconic Margherita pizza, but with a contemporary dough rather than the classic one: the contemporary Neapolitan pizza differs in the type of dough, proofing time and stretching method.

Topped with mozzarella or fior di latte cheese, tomatoes, and basil, the Margherita is a delicious tradition from the streets of Old Napoli, created for a Queen (Margherita) but to be savoured by all.

Contemporary Neapolitan Pizza recipe suggested by Vincenzo Capuano

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Though waffles originated in Europe, probably Belgium, as a sweet treat eaten in markets, and fairs, (sometimes filled with whipped cream or ice cream), waffles are considered breakfast food in the USA. When they reached India, they were embraced as dessert, an exotic international alternative to more traditional sweet items such as barfi, gulab jamun or kulfi. In all major towns, waffles may be found in many restaurant dessert menus, as well as specialised waffle-places, or even food-trucks, and increasingly, in India, waffles are made at home, a treat for breakfast or weekend brunch. Legend has it that waffles, with their distinctive indentations, originated in the Middle Ages when a housewife left her cake on a bench to cool. Her knight in arms husband returned home unexpectedly, and sat on the bench to rest, not knowing there was a warm cake sitting on it. When he got up, he had left grid-like indentations on the cake, much like the way modern day waffles look from being made in a waffle iron. One may eat waffles topped with whatever you like: sweet waffles may be topped with soft fruit such as peaches, mangos, or berries, ice cream, chocolate bits or sauce, honey and butter, or why not pair berries with a drizzle of fragrant rose syrup? But waffles may also be savoury, with aromatics, bits of vegetables, and spices added to the batter, such as chopped onion, tomato, coriander leaves, and chili, then served with a bright, zesty chutney such as mint. Try the recipe below for a savoury version.

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Strawberry Pie

Recipe Of The Month - October
It’s strawberry season! Whatever you are celebrating, nothing can beat a stunning strawberry tart – and you can make individual ones that are perfect for serving at Diwali celebrations! You may use any type of strawberries: big fat ones or tiny fragrant ones—whatever is available in the market or garden.

The crust is tender; a layer of amaretti or sponge fingers helps keep the crust crisp and not soggy by soaking up any excess liquid from filling. Serve the tart with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream alongside, and accompany it with unsweetened coffee, tea, or with a sweet lassi.

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