Folded Crespelle filled with melted chocolate

Crespelle filled with melted chocolate

Such a simple little recipe, once you've mastered the thin pancakes: hot off the pan, sprinkled with chocolate bits, which melt in the heat of the pancake. If you like, a cloud of whipped cream makes it even more luxurious. If you prefer, you may make the pancakes ahead of time and reheat them all together in the microwave, which does the best job of melting.


12 pancakes, serves 4-6

Preparation Time

crespelle making time + 20 minutes preparation time


1 crespelle batter made with an extra tablespoon of sugar (see recipe)

200g plain chocolate, broken into very small bits or shards
Optional: whipped cream, or even ice cream, as desired


Make the pancake batter as described in the basic recipe, adding an extra tablespoon of sugar to the mixture when you whisk it. Then prepare the pancakes as indicated in the recipe.

Take each pancake, as soon as it is done, and fill it with the chocolate bits, then roll up and place it on a plate letting the heat melt the chocolate. This may be done ahead of time and reheated in the microwave so that everyone may be served at once.

Serve with several tablespoons whipped cream, or even vanilla ice cream on top—a happy combination of cold and melty-hot.