Crispy pizza with Italian type 2 flour and heat-treated rice flour

Crispy Pizza With Italian Type 2 Flour & Heat-Treated Rice Flour

This recipe has been kindly provided by Agugiaro & Figna and 5 Stagioni flour


Starter (Italian Biga):
800 g Italian type 2 flour 
400 g water 
4 g dried brewer’s yeast
12 g dried mother yeast powder 

Pizza Dough:
200 g flour (50 g heat-treated rice flour and 150 g Italian type 00 w330)
400 g water
25 g salt
40 g oil
2 g dried brewer’s yeast 

Details for the cooking:
Pre-baking: 280/290° C for about 5/6 minutes.
Finally baking: 279/280° C for another 6/7 minutes.   


Starter (Italian biga):
Mix the Italian type 2 flour, the water with the dissolved yeast and dried mother yeast powder. The dough should still be rather rough, and sticky.

Leave the starter to rest at room temperature – about 18/20°C for 18 hours. 

Mix the starter and the other ingredients for 10 minutes at mixing speed 1 and 2 minutes at mixing speed 2.

First rise:
Rest in a bowl for 60 minutes.

Form dough balls of the weight desired.

3/4 hours at room temperature until it doubles.


Courgette puree
Buffalo milk Mozzarella 
Curly endive (frisée lettuce)
Smoked salmon
Marinated datterino baby tomatoes
Pink pepper
Extra virgin olive oil

Pizzaiolo’s tips:
Italian type 2 flour is an excellent alternative to whole wheat flour for making dough or baking cakes and biscuits, for fragrant and delicious recipes.

Italian type 2 flour is rich in protein, fibre, vitamins PP and B1 and mineral salts (calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium), but you need to remember that the higher bran content means that a higher dough hydration during mixing than traditional doughs.