Italian Pizza with type 1 stone ground flour with sesame

Pizza With Type 1 Stone-Ground Flour With Sesame

This recipe has been kindly provided by Agugiaro & Figna and 5 Stagioni flour


300 g Italian 00 soft wheat flour
135 g water
3 g fresh brewer’s yeast

700 g Italian type 1 stone ground flour
485 g water
25 g salt
30 g extra virgin olive oil


Starter (Italian Biga):
Knead at first mixing speed the water with the dissolved yeast and the Italian 00 flour. It must be a little coarse and not smooth.  

Leave the starter to rest at room temperature – 18/20°C degrees – for 18 hours. 

Knead the starter and the remaining ingredients for 10 minutes at first mixing speed and 2 minutes at second mixing speed.  

Bulk fermentation: 
Leave on the work surface for 30 minutes.

Divide and shape: 
Make dough balls of the desired size.

Maturing and rising: 
24 hours at refrigerator temperature (+4°C)

Two hours at room temperature.

Spread the pizza dough portions out on peeled, toasted sesame seeds. 

330° C for about 3 minutes and 30 seconds, top 80, bottom 10.

yellow datterini tomato puree
artichoke cream
artichokes with their stalks
taggiasche olives
pepper cuvèe

Pizzaiolo’s tip:
Type “1” stone  ground flour has a P/L ratio of around 1; so you should autolyse for an hour to make the gluten softer.